Eugene HIPPA-Compliant Data Recovery and Destruction

Call the Ninja understands the need to assure compliance with complex HIPAA regulations. Regardless of whether or not the data we recover for you is covered by HIPPA, we take your privacy very seriously and implement a number of security measures above and beyond industry best practices to make sure your confidential information stays that way. In most cases, medical facilities, medical billing companies, clinics, etc. have their own non-disclosure form that they need signed. This not a problem, and we’re happy to sign whatever you need. All our data recovery services are a flat-rate of $195. Call (541) 203-4CTN or email to get started. Diagnostics are always free and there is never any charge if your data cannot be recovered. For more information, see our main data recovery page.

All drives we receive for recovery are imaged and those images are stored:

  • With a minimum of 128-bit encryption protected by a strong passphrase. 128-bit encryption is the same strength that is used for online banking.
  • On Linux machines (widely recognized as one of the world’s most secure operating systems) with security safeguards enabled for your data. Only authorized employees have access to your data (the technician working on your recovery service)
  • Locally only, your data is never stored by any online/cloud provider
  • The drive your data is stored on is never connected to any machines not used for the specific purpose of data recovery. We never attach a drive containing your data to any of our client’s machines (you’d be surprised how often other shops do this!)

If you opt to have your data delivered to you electronically instead of being put on an external hard drive

  • The data is stored in a secured data center with encryption strength of at least 128 bits
  • The storage provider does not hold the encryption keys/passphrase to your data so even they can’t see it
  • Both the connection when we upload data to the data provider and the connection when you download the data is protected by encryption (HTTPS/SSL) of at least 128 bit.

Once you have received your data successfully, we securely wipe your data from our hard drives using industry-standard techniques.


We also offer secure off and on-site data destruction services. Call for your quote!