Call the Ninja IT Services and Consulting for Businesses

When your server crashes in the middle of the night or you need a new backup system set up, yServer maintenanceou don’t need a geek, you need a ninja. Why? Because geeks got picked on in high school while ninjas were slashing the competition to pieces. And when it comes to five-star business services? Well, just check out the reviews to see how we stack up against them. We service Eugene, Springfield, and beyond! We have incredible remote support software which means we can maintain your machines regardless of how far away you are and can offer a quicker response time than an on-site visit. We’re open M-F 9-5 with after-hours and emergency services available.

We charge $100/hour and can help you with everything from virus removal to setting up network storage and backups. For larger jobs, we can offer you a quote with a ceiling rate so you know what the total cost will be.

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Monthly Maintenance Packages

Whether your business has a couple machines or a couple hundred, those machines need maintenance. Updates need to be installed, virus scans need to occur regularly, disks need to be defragmented, and somebody needs to check that the backups are working. When you’re in business, you know that time is money which is why Calling The Ninja is a great way to save both. Leave the aggravating network and system maintenance to us and you handle the business side. Our maintenance packages are custom-tailored to your systems both in terms of price and what maintenance is performed. We can come by your location at any time interval that is convenient to you and perform most maintenance remotely. Call us today to see what plan would work best for your business!

All maintenance clients receive:

A significant discount on our hourly rates and packages ($75/hour instead of $100/hour)

Billing by the minute instead of the normal “service call” billing at the full hourly rate.

Same-day or same-hour fixes for most problems

The option to install always-on remote support software so system changes and maintenance can be done during non-business hours

Secure tracking and storage of your system documentation (license keys, passwords, system configuration) which you can access at any time

Round-the-clock monitoring of your systems so we can detect and fix problems before they happen

Monthly maintenance and spot-checks to make sure everything is running smoothly and all security updates have been applied

Priority support, repairs, and other services

$100/month package

This is our cheapest packages for small businesses who just need a small amount of IT support each month. Comes with one on-site visit per month with one hour of work included. We suggest this plan for companies with a small staff and simple configurations (3-5 computers). For most small businesses, 1-2 hours is about the amount of support you’ll need each month. As with all of our plans, we’ll keep track of all your IT documentation including passwords and software product keys.

$150/month package (Most Popular!)

This package comes with 2 hours of support and one free on-site visit.

$225/month package

This plan comes with 3 hours of support and one free on-site visit, with a savings of $75 off our normal rate. This package is popular for businesses with more complex needs such as backup systems, more than 5 computers, or a Windows/Linux server.

$300/month package

This plan comes with 4 hours of support and two free on-site visits per month with a savings of $100 off our normal rates. This is the package you’ll need if you have more than 15 computers.

Maintenance Package Comparison

PackageHours IncludedTotal savings
$1001 + one on-site visitSave with billing by-the-minute instead of service-call billing
$1502 + one on-site visit$50
$2253 + one on-site visit$75
$3004 + two on-site visits$100

Flat-Rate Installations

Need a new wireless network? Want to setup a backup system for every computer at your office? The Ninja has you covered! Most on-site work we do is on a flat-rate basis so you don’t have to worry about how high the bill will be or how many “unexpected” problems will be hitting your wallet. Call for a free consultation today!

On-site and Emergency Services

Whether your server crashed in the middle of the night or you need a couple terabytes of your most important business information recovered from a failed hard drive, we’re here to help. Our technicians work overtime when you need it so you never have to wonder if your equipment is just sitting on some diagnostic bench waiting for a tech to look at it. Our on-site services are $100 an hour, emergency services (outside of normal business hours) cost more according to the work being performed.


IT is supposed to make your business more efficient and easier to run. We make sure it actually does.

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